Pennsylvania Private Investigators and AttorneysCall a private investigator only if you are inquiring about starting an investigation. If you are looking solely for legal advice then you should call a licensed attorney.

Everyday people call private investigators in Pennsylvania to discuss potential or current legal matters that should be addressed with a licensed attorney. In general, legal advice is when someone gives a formal opinion regarding matters of law, which is reserved for those individuals licensed to practice law in a particular state.


• DIVORCE – This is one of the most frequent inquires received by private investigators. If you are considering filing for divorce and need to know what steps are required, and whether or not you will need to prove certain claims such as a cheating spouse, then you need to consult an attorney that typically practices family law. We can certainly conduct an investigation into your claims, but they might not apply to your case and would be a waste of your money.

• CRIMINAL CASES – People charged with crimes contact private investigators for many reasons including but not limited to: proving an alibi, locating and interviewing witnesses, researching records, etc. In most cases, this should be done after you have consulted a criminal defense attorney because it is important for the attorney and private investigator to confer with one another about the facts of your case. Many people believe they know the law and want to proceed with an investigation prior to consulting with an attorney, only to make matters worse.

There are some exceptions to this rule of thumb; generally, if you cannot immediately get in touch with an attorney and need certain evidence collected promptly, such as photographing a scene before it changes, interviewing witnesses while everything is fresh in their minds or they might be difficult to locate in the future, call a private investigator.

The biggest problem is that potential and/or current clients do not want to pay attorney fees, and will attempt to circumvent this by seeking advice from private investigators. Although investigators can discuss your case, and even information on how the law applies to different aspects of an investigation relating to your case, offering a formal legal opinion is the job of a licensed attorney.

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