Call the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Hotline at 800-932-0313 to report child abuse. You can remain anonymous.

child custody private investigator paPrivate investigators in Lancaster, PA are routinely asked to conduct child custody investigations to determine if children are being subjected to any detrimental circumstances, or if a parent or grandparent is in direct violation of a child custody order.

We routinely conduct these types of investigations. Children are dependent upon responsible parents or grandparents to provide quality care, nurturing, and just overall love. Unfortunately by the time private investigators in Lancaster, PA enter the picture, many children have already been subjected to neglect by one parent or the other, and in some cases both, and it is our job to gather evidence to determine if the children’s best interests are not at heart.

In my experience conducting child custody investigations, sad revelations come to light that should be disturbing to any decent human being. Children are impressionable and as the saying goes: “we are products of our environment.” Children who witness domestic violence, arguments, or parent’s sheer hatred towards one another can be extremely traumatizing and negatively impact them for the rest of their lives. To private investigators, these cases are most disturbing and we work diligently to hopefully save a child from further trauma by irresponsible or downright corrupt parents.

We are the frontline for children and take this duty seriously. The biggest obstacle is not being able to see what goes on behind closed doors; therefore, you must pay extra special attention to what is in public view, conduct interviews and record checks, and build your case accordingly. Like any other investigation, this requires experience, patience, determination and just being in the right place at the right time.

Children can be exposed to many things that are in violation of court orders, or just go against common decency when raising a child. Some common examples include, but are not limited to: parents routinely and excessively using alcohol or controlled substances, associating with criminals or others of questionable character including family members, leaving children with others when they are supposed to be spending their allotted time with them, violating supervised visit restrictions, engaging in reckless behavior, or just failing to care for them in general.

Our investigative findings are important because they are independent observations and can weigh heavily in future decisions made by the court. Uncovering other issues such as evidence of child abuse or other criminal acts can also aid law enforcement in bringing charges.

One of the saddest and, most often the case, are parents that use children against each other. Whether it’s a father trying to hurt or inconvenience the mother or vice versa, and in some case both parties are engaging in a tug of war.

This is one type of investigation private investigators wish they didn’t have to conduct but know that people like those mentioned will always be out there, and it’s our duty to help protect children, especially from cowards that purposely subject them to harmful acts.

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Call the Pennsylvania Child Abuse Hotline at 800-932-0313 to report child abuse. You can remain anonymous.

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