Blog-Man looking at watchThe very first question everyone usually asks when inquiring about the services of a private investigator in Lancaster, PA: How long will it take for you to catch my cheating spouse? The answer is simple: I don’t know, and if any private investigator tells you they do then it’s time to find another one.

This question can’t be answered any better than asking how long will it take for your car to break down? Maybe it does frequently, but it might just decide to run for a while, or it may never break down. You might suspect your spouse is cheating or an employee is stealing, and with good reason. But just like you, we do not have a crystal ball or some magic formula that can give you precise information.

Maybe your spouse is cheating, maybe not. Maybe your employee is stealing, maybe not. If they are, they might do it the day we start the investigation, or they might wait a while. Maybe they stopped.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t start an investigation if you think someone is betraying you or your company. The reason people call a private investigator in Lancaster, PA or anywhere else, is because they suspect something is amiss. It is the job of the private investigator to ask you the right questions and determine the best course of action that needs to be taken, if any.

1. Why do you believe the person is cheating or stealing?
2. Have they done this before that you are aware of?
3. Have you personally witnessed them cheat or steal, or do anything else suspicious?
4. Are they evasive when you question them about certain things?
5. Has someone else witnessed them doing something they should not be?
6. Have they admitted to you that they have cheated or stolen in the past, or recently?
7. What type of evidence do you have that makes you suspect they are doing something wrong?
8. Do they have a window of opportunity to commit any wrongdoing?
9. Does the person suspect that you might be speaking with an investigator?
10. Have you ever had this person investigated previously?

These are some of the questions a private investigator will ask you. Based on your responses, an investigative plan of action can be put in place. One of the things that police or private investigators look for are any signs of a pattern. This helps to narrow down the focus of the investigation. How long it takes to “catch them” depends on if the person offends, and when they decide to.

The reality is there are many different variables to consider when investigating someone. No two cases are alike, and even using any kind of analysis based on statistics, patterns, behavior or any other indicators, there is still no easy answer to determine how long it will take a private investigator to catch someone doing anything.

When you call a private investigator, save your initial consultation time to discuss the facts of your inquiry.

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