When hiring a private investigator in Pennsylvania, it’s like when you hire someone from any profession, you want to get the best service. But how do you decide which private investigator is a good fit for your particular circumstance. Whether you are an individual looking to have a cheating spouse investigated, or a business that conducts background checks, workers’ compensation cases, sick leave abuse, or competitive intelligence, a good vetting is required.

Choosing a Private Investigator in PennsylvaniaMany private investigative agencies in PA have websites that describe their services and experience. When you look through these sites pay particular attention to the presentation including the layout and content to make sure it has a professional appearance. If a website contains second grade grammar, you can probably expect that any investigative report supplied by that agency will also be written the same way. These reports have the potential to be read by many different people if a case goes to litigation, and is a reflection of the investigator that wrote it. You typically get one chance at having your case heard, and if it’s poorly investigated and presented this can cause a negative outcome.

The private investigations profession in PA is competitive just like any other. But many have built a clientele base that sustains their business, generally because their clients are happy with the work being done; however, many private investigators also network through professional associations to provide better customer service by pooling together their resources. We understand that a professional network of investigators with a broad range of expertise only enhances the overall customer experience.

Most professional investigators in PA are able to command the rates they charge, which can vary depending on the type of investigative service requested, geography, and level of investigative experience in a particular discipline. But there are fly-by-night investigators that will offer substantially reduced rates, special discounts, and some even offer gifts to entice new business. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. If you have to decide between a mechanic that advertises they will replace your brakes for $25.00 and give you a set of free car mats, and one that charges $300.00, you’re mostly likely willing to pay the higher amount because you have more confidence they will work.

I mentioned in a previous post (relating to surveillance) that any private investigator guaranteeing that they will get you the evidence you need, or they never lose their target when following them, is probably someone you want to stay away from. No matter what type of case is being investigated, no investigator should be guaranteeing the outcome.

Interview the investigator and ask them their background and how much experience they have with cases such as yours. Make sure you feel comfortable with the investigator you are entrusting with your case. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Your case is important, and you need a private investigator in PA that is honest, experienced, thorough, and reputable. If a private investigator is offended that you question their background, then it’s time to move on.

~Jeff Reichart

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